MyWhiteSHOW: VACCINE DAMAGE My Story. Reichstag Fire. Cohen-19 Update.

Welcome to MyWhiteSHOW Season Two, Episode Three!

The main segment is VACCINE DAMAGE — My Story, which is meant to spark Your Story, your memory of what the jews’ poison “vaccines” have done to you.

Also, 27 February is the anniversary of the Reichstag Fire in Berlin, Germany, in 1933. Briefly, I provide true historical context in which that jew false-flag crime was committed.

The third announced subject is an update on the part of the tyranny here in Michigan on the pretense of “Covid-19” — a virus that does not exist. Yes, it’s another jew lie, thus I use the popular nickname by those of us in the know: “Cohen-19.”

A few surprise items await you, too.


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