MyWhiteSHOW: YULE Like It. Covid Crime Vids. Good Kill.

If you’re White, “YULE” like this finale episode of Season One of MyWhiteSHOW — which is your White show.

Yule is White. Christmas is jew. Though this ought be entirely obvious, I explain it briefly. Some history. Some examples. Some suggestions. And I show how obviously our calendar has been jewed, too.

Also, this s01e23 issue of MyWhiteSHOW features two very short but telling videos of the criminals, usually jews, in “our” government exposing themselves.

The final official segment of the show is a Good Kill. It’s one that almost nobody but me would recognize as such. Get the details, of course, in the video.


“Our” government tells us that there are many Arabs, many Africans, some Asians, some Whites, but never any jews, who are our “enemies” and must be killed. We in the USA have the right to disagree with the government on who are the enemies that must be killed. In no uncertain terms, I disagree with the government and say so, as is my right.

Also, “our” government tells us Whites that we must let their hired thugs of BLM and Antifa and related jew-created jew-funded jew-directed organizations kill us.

And now “our” government is on the verge of telling us we must be injected with their latest poison concoctions called “vaccines” — a near-mandate from which jews, as usual, exempt themselves.

These are crimes by “our” government. These are capital crimes against us. Likewise, the entire criminal “Covid-19” hoax is a capital crime against us. The tyranny flowing from that criminal hoax is reason enough, all by itself, to kill all those who invented the hoax, advertised the hoax, supported the hoax, and enforced the hoax.

What does “capital crime” mean? It means a crime punishable by death.

Add up just a jew of jewry’s crimes, and you will realize that all of jewry deserves and must be given the death penalty if our White race (and if you care, the rest of humanity) is ever — ever — to live in peace.

By the way, they won’t kill themselves. And they will not voluntarily give up power.

Defense — which is all our White people in the USA have ever done against the jews — is not enough. Defense always gives up ground. We must take back ground. All of it. And then some.



Jim Laffrey

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