Special: The jew Assassination of Gen. George Patton

Thanks to the research and reportage by Peter Hammond of South Africa combined with my own research, articles, and video on the subject, this is perhaps the best single video source on the planet for the jews’ assassination of our great White U.S. Army general George S. Patton Jr.

Yes, General Patton served jewry in WW2 in the destruction of our most admirable and heroic Germany, but he quickly woke up to the crimes of jewry in the months immediately after the end of the war in Europe.

The following text is basically my script as read, with ad-libs, in the video.

I’ve been on the case of Gen. George S. Patton Jr. since at least 2012, when I wrote and published an article on his death. And in this video, I will show you another, better, article of mine from 2014.

But first, the Main Event:

It is my pleasure to present to you a 30-minute video which is the work of Peter Hammond, from South Africa, issued in 2018. Actually, his original video is 1hr40min long. I shortened it.

On Peter Hammond:
He did a very good job of researching and presenting a biography of George S. Patton Jr. and details about the deliberate truck crash into Patton’s car and on the final killing of Patton in the hospital in Germany.

But Hammond is very strongly a christian and wears it on his sleeve and inserted it throughout his video. I edited all of that out. Also, Hammond wrongly gave praise to certain books and to the jew Hollywood movie on Patton (starring jew George C. Scott). I edited that out. Hammond also wrongly gave credence to a nonsense confession by a p.o.s. claiming to have done the evil deed. I edited that out. Also, in a section I did not retain, Hammond showed his lack of knowledge about Gen. Omar Bradley, who Patton described in his Diary as an incompetent coward who cost many many American lives. And Of course, Hammond did not question why his god let all the horror happen and the jews win. The same as all believers, Hammond only identifies his almighty creator-of-everything god as responsible when good things happen, never when bad things happen.

I did not put any images into this video nor any of the subtitles and other type. The video I used, I think, was enhanced a bit by somebody else. For example, a “jew” label was put on a few jews, and I do not think Peter Hammond put those labels on them. Nonetheless, the labels are correct, and I approve of them.

Later in the video, I show where to get the version I used and where to get the original, full, Peter Hammond video.

You will find that most of the Patton statements from his Diary that I used in my song “Wrong Enemy” are given as diary quotes in this video by Peter Hammond.

Peter Hammond gave plenty of evidence, yet near the end of his video, he asked: Who assassinated Gen. George Patton? I answer:

  • President Harry Truman
  • Josef Stalin
  • Wild Bill Donovan
  • Duncan Chaplin Lee
  • Dwight David Eisenhower
  • Bernard Baruch
  • Henry Morgenthau
  • Truck driver Thompson
  • The specific doctor(s)

George Patton could have easily become the next president of the United States, instead of the heinous jew Eisenhower. And that’s why the jews killed Patton before he returned to the USA and carried out his plan to tell the public the truth as he knew it at that time.

How many crimes against humanity does it take for people to rise up against the jews and punish them for killing our best leaders and for killing many more millions of nonjews than there are jews on this planet? All the dead of the U.S. unCivil war, all the dead of WW1, all the dead of WW2, and smaller wars, and 9/11, and now their ongoing medical murders and their inflicting BLM and Antifa to murder and maim Whites most of all.

Jewry has earned the death penalty. Over and over. Jewry has earned the death penalty of all of jewry.

Leave them alive and they’ll do it again, and again, until we’re all dead.

Kill them all, and problem solved.

Now, I want to point out that I am not responsible for the ignorance of anyone watching or listening to me. Only jews and the ignorant disagree with me. Anyone not a jew who learns enough of the truth about evil jewry will agree with me. At present, I am a member of a small minority of high-knowledge Whites calling for the final and complete extermination of all jews. This fact that the majority is not with me does not make me wrong. The truth is not up for vote. And this is not opinion, this is not belief.

Jewry has earned the death penalty — for their total population. The only way to put an end to their unceasing crimes of mass-murder, torture, pedophilia, instigation of wars, and destruction of every kind IS TO KILL THEM ALL.

We can do it. We only need enough of us with the knowledge and the will. And we must do it before they kill us. They’re coming. With their wars, with their poison vaccines, with their other poisons in the water and the food, with their militarized police, with their BLM-Antifa squads, they are coming to kill us.

George Patton would be with me, and I with him. How about you?

After you watch the music-video portion of this special presentation on MyWhiteTV, I hope it is obvious that Gen. Patton would NOT now approve of the explosion of the swastika there at the end. That’s an authentic clip from actual Army archival footage.

Thank you for watching this special video on MyWhiteTV. Thanks, again, to Peter Hammond for his work.

And remember:

Offense is Required. We must kill the enemy.

George Patton would be with me, and I with him. What about you?

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