Special: Is VERNON COLEMAN ‘Old Man in a Chair’ a jew?

“The Old Man In A Chair” Vernon Coleman is a darling of the half-awake alt-media. He presents himself as the most intelligent man on the planet. But he never identifies jews as jews.

Ignorant or complicit? And —

The most important question on the planet to ask someone of dubious origin is: Are you a jew? And so, let’s weigh the evidence presented and render a verdict. Is Vernon Coleman a jew?

If you haven’t done any research on him yourself, you’re likely in for some surprises.



  1. Richie Alan, is a Jew arse licker, he always defends them. He had Harry Vox on and constantly kept saying its not the Jews.. He’s been doing it for years.. He’s also part of the David Iche franchise..

  2. Generally anyone with this level of double speak, or contradictions, has to read from a script, and those script readers I never trust, so much manipulation and thought can be put into a text when you write/read then if you share honestly without a script from knowledge and honestly. Like writing comments I don’t like to edit beyond spelling.

    • I appreciate your comment, John. But I must defend myself for my own use of self-written scripts occasionally in the past, and maybe in the future. On some subjects, without a script, I will have to think too much as I speak, thus making my speech too SLOW. Also, out of concern that I will forget to say important points, it’s useful to have a script. If you look at my videos from 2020 and 2021, you will see examples of both: speaking too slowly and forgetting to say important points.

  3. What I dont’t undestanbd is, why is he putting all this information out there? What is the purpose?

    • Our top ENEMY — jewry — tries to come at us from every significant angle. The main purpose of half-truther jew Vernon Coleman is to pretend to be a White man AND by NOT naming the jews, all Whites igno on jews will fill-in the race blank with “Whites” as the villains.

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