MyWhiteSHOW: Walmart Is Anti-White

The First! Season One, Episode One. MyWhiteSHOW: Walmart is Anti-White, and much more.

Inside info. I worked at Walmart for four-and-a-half years, ending on May 1, 2020. Though Michigan is my homestate, I started at Walmart in Tennessee. And then I used Walmart to transfer back to Michigan.

In this 29-minute video, I cover the highlights — actually lowlights — from experience working in four Walmart stores.

This first episode of MyWhiteSHOW has five segments:

  • Weaponize your mask
  • The Title Segment: Walmart Is Anti-White
  • Meme of the Week
  • Rule Of Thumb
  • HoloHumor

Who am I? Jim Laffrey, that’s who.

And “TV” will never be the same.

Kill jew TV.

Hail White TV.

MyWhiteTV. MyWhiteSHOW.

It’s your WhiteSHOW, too.

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