Signs Of jews

Eye candy for Mother’s Day.
A lilac bush. (Not a sign of jews!)

Signs Of jews. New show, two days before Mother’s Day. (See a PS and a PPS at end, added 11 and 14 May.)

The signs are local and state election signs. Look how jewy they are — likely the same as where you live. Think about it. And maybe you’ll go the extra mile and view photos of the candidates and find info about them toward determining which of them are crypto-jews.

In small cities and low-population counties, probably not a single one of them admits to you or us that they are jews, thus they are crypto-jews, secret jews.

Also in this show, I present some excerpts from Henry Ford’s historic book “The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem” from 1923. The excerpts are from the chapter on jew name-changing, which ought to greatly help doubters to accept the reality and truth of what I say in this show.

That book, which everyone ought to read at least once, is linked (as a free pdf file) on my CREDENTIALS Page.

Enjoy. I encourage comments, emails, and spreading the word by putting a link on other websites. Or if they don’t accept links, then put key words there for people to search, such as MyWhiteTV and/or the exact title of a show.


Jim Laffrey

PS. I invite childhood anecdotes such as I began the show with. One per person. Fun for all!

PPS. 14 May 2024, I saw another election sign today, this one for a “Jay Thaler.” Do you recognize why that is very jewy, very suspicious? The jews named “Jacob” and similar common jew names like to nickname themselves “Jay” to try to fool the gullible majority of our population. And this is noteworthy because it is paired with yet another name that is German in origin — stolen, if done by a jew — “Thaler.” It’s the word for “dollar” in English. The enemy race loves money names, you know: infamously, gold and silver. And others.

Judging by the signs, the election here is totally or almost totally a fake competition, jews against jews (crypto-jews against crypto-jews). Thus, jewry totally or almost totally wins.

Is it the same where you live? I’ll bet it is. And there’s nothing new about it.


  1. Judge Napolitano? Jew? I know he’s a faggot.
    Now has “Judging Freedom” show. Obvious controlled opposition. Could not find internet source naming him as a jew. But he’s fugly. That nose? A J-nose? What say you, Jim? I’ll say he’s not White, and His glibness screams jew. Plus, the law suits for his attempted homosexual assaults were quietly dropped.

    • “What say you, Jim?” Thanks for the question, Charlie. You already stated enough evidence for a conclusion.

      First, I apply my Rule Of Thumb: If given fame and fortune by jewry on jewry’s media, and if portraying itself as White (whether by claim or by omission), it’s a jew.

      Second, I knew it was a famous name, but I didn’t have a mental image of it. I clicked on your link to see a picture of it (though not necessary). jew.

      • Like the rule of thumb. Another tool for discernment.

        And now you have me thinking ….

        Another frequent commenter in the Russia-Ukraine kabuki and Israel-Palestinians is Col MacGregor. Usually he and Pedo Ritter echo each other and frequent guest of Faggot Napolitano. Meets the criteria for your RoT. I have not yet evaluated him for other jew indicators.

  2. Another RoT?

    Trash talking NS Germany &/or AH. Ritter espouses the Hollywood, super evil Germany and then some viewpoint. Often, he just lies.
    MacGregor is low key on his negative commentary on NS Germany/AH, but it’s still there.
    Both are supposed to be experts. How can one be an “expert” and not know at least a smattering of truth? Self answering. And Mac has a PhD!

    Seems my questions are mostly self answering.

    Makes me understand even more how jewed up the world has become. It’s a bit frustrating to learn how my own thinking has been affected. All those years of jew lies crammed into my now aging Casaba. Groan.


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