LooseEnds: nig & jew Erosion Of Sports

LooseEnds2: nig & jew Erosion Of Sports.

By the way, the supposedly “controversial call” at the end of the Iowa-vs-LSU game was an obviously good call. The big nigger made an obviously illegal moving screen against the Iowa player named Marshall. This good call surprised me, though, because in last year’s final, the refereeing was obviously biased against Iowa. I did a show on it.

Anyway, this show is about the erosion of sports — in favor of niggers and controlled by jews — since my high-school basketball-playing days in the 1970s up till today. Basketball, golf, baseball, football, etc.


  1. Not afraid to comment.

    Always knew something was rigged about sports like basketball. Now I know something of how.
    If basket ball rules were closely followed, would you say, Whites would dominate?

    On Judea Declares War … it’s nearly impossible to get most people past the fact that jew is a race and not just a religion. I’ve had a sibling tell me, “I refuse to believe that,” no matter what facts are presented.

    • “Not afraid to comment.”
      Thank you, Charlie. You’re one of only a few in recent history.

      “If basketball rules were closely followed, would you say, Whites would dominate?”
      Yes. Not that it’s important. There’s nothing IMPORTANT about basketball, likewise other sports. If nigs could stay within the rules, the competition would be interesting. But since nigs can’t abide by rules, they would constantly be called for fouls and other infractions, thus constantly losing possession of the ball — losing opportunities to score — and Whites would dominate.

      The sibling said, “I refuse to believe that.” “BELIEVE” is right. No matter the verifiable facts assembled, believers just go on believing. And they outnumber us.

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