RFK jr’s jews. Get the evidence here. His vice-presidential running mate, Nicole Shanahan, is a crypto-jew. Furthermore, by his choice, RFK jr. is surrounded by jews. Same as Joe Biden and Donald Trump, both crypto-jews, about whom I have previously given the evidential proof.

They are all Israel-Firsters. They are all anti-White.

In this hour-plus show, I cover many hot topics, and a few warm ones, too. Look at that list of tags.

Enjoy. Copy. Share. Post links on other sites.


Jim Laffrey



  1. Wow. One of your best. Really appreciated the review of many points and your personal story about having to move and (((why))). Once you learn to see the jews and their tentacles in every aspect of our lives, you can’t unsee it. I’m seeing it here in a nearby small town, the county commissioners, and even the school board. Researching these local officials might be interesting.

    • Thank you, sir! I hope my show and your comment will spur more of our fellow Whites to realize all of this and to look for the scum crypto-jews infesting their locales. And then … !

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