Gov. Kristi Noem’s TREASON

Gov. Kristi Noem’s TREASON. Noem is the governor of South Dakota. Noem, in the foul footsteps of former president Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, has deliberately violated the Constitution to put the enemy that is jewry above the law of the land, above us Whites in our White-founded White-built country.

Trump issued an (illegal) executive order against free speech truthtelling about jews on college and university campuses across the USA. Treason. DeSantis went to Israel and signed, in Israel, (illegal) laws for jews against our Whites in Florida. Treason.

In a couple of previous shows, I have given evidence and my conclusion that Gov. Noem is a crypto-jew, as are Trump and DeSantis — yes, and Biden. (Yes, of course, Biden and the Democraps are openly worse than the Republicraps. But both are the same at their heinous jew cores.) See this show for evidence and reference to my show of late December 2023.

In this show get the wording of the illegal law Noem has signed and for the jews’ “international standard definition of ‘antisemitism'” that the illegal law attempts to establish into U.S. law.

Along the way, watch and listen to many nuggets of knowledge and wisdom I share for my fellow Whites. Not mere opinion, not mere belief. Verifiable facts assembled into knowledge, and wisdom achieved therefrom.


Jim Laffrey

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