Shorts: TREASON is episode 10 in the ongoing series. A keeper! Watch and learn. Copy, share, re-post.

Update, 24feb2024: I forgot to say a couple of important things, which is typical for my unscripted shows. I’ll type them here.

  1. ALL of the people (using the term loosely) are guilty of treason who have written, pushed, voted for, enacted, and enforced laws, regulations, and executive orders that violate the Constitution. Yes, from the writers on through the various governmental agencies and courts to the police — they’re guilty.
  2. Technically, only U.S. citizens can be guilty of treason in the USA. The jews are an enemy population. In the USA the jews are not Americans. Likewise, in Germany the jews are not Germans. Likewise, in every country but the illegally established “country” the jews call Israel. And they know it, and their leaders have said it. Therefore, technically, the jews are not guilty of treason. What they are is an enemy population ripe for capital punishment. But in practical terms, since most of them in the USA pretend to be White Americans and the rest of them pretend to be nonWhite Americans, we can label what they do as “treason.” Either way, we can and must punish them accordingly.


Jim Laffrey

I stand behind what I say

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