Shorts: Crypto-jews

Shorts: Crypto-jews is episode6 in this ongoing series.

Few subjects are more important than that of crypto-jews — secret jews — jews who don’t tell us they’re jews, most of which are pretending to be Whites in our White-founded White-built countries.

The spark for me to do this particular show is the group featured in the billboard ad above, which I identify as a jew-made group with multiple goals against us. The most obvious goal is for the jews to provide themselves, especially their jewsmedia, with a punching bag, to spew their hate against us Whites while not giving any publicity to a real White-dating website.

A real White-dating website, as mentioned in the show, is .

And here’s the link to the 3-minute video on TruthPodium featured in my show.

Enjoy. Comment. Share. DO what you can.


Jim Laffrey

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