Shorts: It’s Not ‘History’ Repeating. It’s …

Shorts 02: It’s Not ‘History’ Repeating. It’s JEWS Repeating.

Let’s revisit a vital statement from last time, and then approve and help spread this new meme about history and jews.

The best memes are simply true, as is this one.

Here’s a bigger version of the meme, below. Download it. Paste it. Share it. Spread it.

Also, let’s note a commonality of import among not only Joe Biden and Donald Trump but also Bill Clinton, Al Gore, RFKjr, and likely the Bushes, and more.

In parting: Don’t let fear stop you. All of us truth-learners and truth-tellers go through the phase of fear. It’s only a phase. You pass through it and come out the other side stronger.


Jim Laffrey

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