The Supremacist. 12. Songs

The Supremacist Episode12: Songs.

Let’s look at songwriting, the fact that it is a craft, and what it takes for it to rise to the level of art.

Lyrics from two or three songs are presented for analysis and as examples to show the process of songwriting and incorporating levels of meaning.

For us Whites, one of the requirements for qualifying as “art” is that it must serve our race. Since what the jews do is always a disservice to our race, none of what they do qualifies as art. So, it’s especially absurd that they claim almost everything they do is “art.” Even their toddler kikes’ fingerpaintings are “art”! And their cooking is “art.” And every photograph they shoot is “art.” Everything they do — games, circle-jerks, gambling, thieving, ritual killings, etc. — they like to claim, “There’s an art to it.”

The brand new song “This IS Hell! is premiered in this show! It is, of course, by the artist formerly known as PATTON.45 — ha ha. Me, jtlaffrey, EIN MAN Productions. At the end of the video, I mentioned that I could email the song to anyone who asks. But it’s a 9M file, too large for some email programs. So, here it is! Click (probably right-click) and save to your computer or phone, if you so desire. Payment? How about a “thank you”.

Also, in this show, right before our eyes, I formulated a new maxim, a new “WoW” (Words of Wisdom):

We make heaven. We allow hell.

Watch and listen to the show for the explication.


Jim Laffrey

The Supremacist

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