The Supremacist. 4. SHTF

The Supremacist series Episode4 cuts through all the crap — including the “bug-out” mentality. Get straight to the bottom line on the Who, What, and Where in case ShitHitsTheFan while we’re still alive.

That said, I don’t predict a SHTF in the next 20 years. I hope for one, because it will be required to get our fluoride-addled White male population to stand up as MEN and start shooting.

More likely, The Enemy — jewry — will continue to slowly constrict our lives like a boa wrapped around us, the same as they have been doing since the so-called “Civil War” (which, by definition, was not a “civil war”). That was the last time the jews manipulated U.S. Whites into widespread shooting.

They don’t want us Whites shooting whoever we want to shoot as that could quickly go awry for jewry. So, they continue their Anti-White Waltz: pushing for two steps, easing off for one step, pushing for two steps, easing off for one step; repeat; repeat. They continue restricting our options, denying our rights, taxing us into poverty, making us renters not owners, confiscating assets, pushing nonWhite invaders into every nook and cranny to erode everything, pushing drug use, trafficking children… .

I know. You read just a partial list as I’ve written above, and you wonder how our MEN haven’t already started shooting in righteous rage to take back our White-founded White-built, jew-ruined country.

It’s because there are too few MEN. We are so few and far-between that open shooting would be quick and lonely suicide. Who among us can even put together a single squad of four? Personally, I know of no one.

So, we wait. Rare, heroic lone wolves whittle away the enemy population (all jews and all other nonWhites). Educators and influencers work to inspire our adult males to become MEN. We prepare to join a breakout by our MEN, if and when.

Meanwhile, we are ready just in case the jews squeeze too hard too fast and SHTF.


Jim Laffrey

The Supremacist

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