IT’S LITERALLY…! ep13. Racial vs Learned Behavior. Pat Tillman. VN Nugget

IT’S LITERALLY… episode 13!

I like 13. My mom’s and Thomas Jefferson’s birthdays are on 13s. It’s a baker’s dozen. And of course I don’t fall for any superstition.

This show is one of the best! Racial vs Learned Behavior. The VietNam Nugget is especially rich this time. The jew crime that was the death by “friendly fire” of National Football League star Pat Tillman, who had joined the military in the wake of 9/11. Scum RFKjr on video “committed to Israel.” Little jew Greta Thunberg. The Great Pyramids and Earth Cataclysms. And more.


Jim Laffrey

Of Mt. Clemens, Michigan; Engadine, Michigan; Marquette, Michigan; Crossville, Tennessee; Nashville, Tennessee; North Hollywood, California; Ebina, Japan; many cities in VietNam; more cities in Michigan; two small towns in South Dakota. And… .

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