IT’S LITERALLY…! ep11. OIL LIES. VietNam Nugget6 Water

IT’S LITERALLY episode11 of this brash show.

Let’s look at the claims by the Saudi regime, OPEC, OPEC+, USA production and USA consumption, and expose their OIL LIES.

The VietNam Nugget in this episode tells you facts from my decade in VietNam, mostly facts about water this time — their undrinkable tap water and what they do about it, or who they get to do it for them because they don’t know how and are unable to learn to do for themselves.

Oh, I forgot to mention in the “OIL LIES” segment that VietNam also produces oil, as the Soviets/Russians long ago did the drilling, installed the offshore rigs, and built the refineries — with White-invented technologies.

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