IT’S LITERALLY…! ep7. jews’ Golf Monopoly. Gun Pride Month. VietNam Nugget 2.

IT’S LITERALLY…! Episode7 features:

  • Some responses we can make, verbally, to jews’ and their tools’ spews of hate against us.
  • The world of Golf has a new monopoly forming as the PGA’s USA monopoly and the new Saudi-funded LIV League today announced they are combining to form one big worldwide company. I explain why that’s a jew monopoly. And there’s a humorous 9/11 angle, too.
  • jewry is a race. It bears repeating, especially when some people can’t, or refuse, to grasp it and instead make foolish claims to the contrary.
  • The second in the series of VietNam Nuggets is here. I spent a damned decade there.
  • And a bit more.

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