IT’S LITERALLY…! ep4. Raw Milk — I’m On The Teat!

IT’S LITERALLY… episode4.

I’m a week into drinking Whole Raw Milk. Where? Why? How?

Gee, why would our jewed government insist that milk for sale in stores be pasteurized? Yes, that’s crypto-jew Louis Pasteur from 1800s France. The jews named the high-heat process of destroying milk’s benefits after their own crypto-scum, and they glorify him to this day.

Also, in this episode we have an appropriate meme related to our White domestication of cows, this time as a meat source.

Plus, we have a meme that accurately recalls my educational experience in a Catholic elementary school.

Finally, I present some stats from my website that might be of interest. They are the general locations of some of the visitors. Don’t worry. I have deleted any info that could be used to the detriment of my fine fellow Whites.

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