She Picked Up A Rock! a parable. music video.

A new-year gift to you! The latest, perhaps greatest, music video yet.

She Picked Up A Rock! A Parable.

EIN MAN Productions.

The song lyrics are posted below.

Note: The video contains many “found objects” (video clips). Challenge: Identify all of them and their sources.

Disclaimer: Obviously, in this parable song and video, the video clips are used for the purposes of education and commentary, which is “Fair Use.”

To my fellow Whites only: Copy and spread at will.

A Parable © 2022 JTLaffrey . Video 2023 Ein Man Productions

V1 Born into a family of pacifist fools
Trusting the government,
She would not own a gun
No one taught her self-defense.

Ruler at school, boss on the job,
The Powers That Be
Wouldn’t let her speak
Forced her to her knees
Would not stop, so

She Picked Up A Rock [4 times]

V2 Their big heads with little hats
Got bashed in. Yeah they asked for it

V3 You just know since she was raised so wrong
Her taste in men was ding dumb dong
Across the tracks, across the bloodline
She got abused every damn time.

She asked, Where went the foreplay?
Slam bam, broke and dazed
It would not stop, till


V4 Prognathist skulls hardwired with crap
Got bashed in. Yeah they asked for it

V5 Lesson learned, she came back to her kind
Carries a grudge and a .45
She came back to our kind
And carries a backup semi-auto 9.

V6 Yeah, back when she was blind, she went off-White. But all that stopped when



V7 She Broke the lock, Freed the flock, Cured the kike pox, Broke us out of hock.
V8 She had to do a man’s job cuz there was no real Man on her block.

[4th line:] Now She Picks Up A GLOCK.

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