CATCHUP ‘N’ MUSTER. 003. Adolf with relish

003. Things are so bad, we just have to laugh.

“Proof” of a pipeline bombing.

A lament meets Death.

Adolf gigs “the reincarnate” and the c-insane.

A difference defined.




  1. Good choice in Hitler’s bust – green tie goes well. Hitler is knowledgeable about the incarnation by John de Nugent. Jeff Daugherty had an interview with Jim Rizoli and included quotes from Hitler on his feelings of Christianity – Trojan Horse of the jews.

    • Thanks, Sarah. Yep, he of the green tie knows (but most readers here probably don’t) about deNugent’s absurd belief in reincarnation and that he (deNugent) is the reincarnation of Mr. Hitler.

  2. LOL – deNugent’s reincarnation as Hitler is funny.

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