jIMPACT! Final. Better Way Forward

This, the finale of the jIMPACT! series, offers a better way forward, a better mindset.

Stark. Accurate. Practical. Optimistic.

Come along for the ride.


  1. Nice “con-trails”! X marks the spot – buried treasure?

    • Yep, that’s why I showed them. I had not noticed any significant chemtrailing for weeks, and then yesterday (Sept. 27) it was rampant.

  2. Wow!! Speaking of chem trails, I noticed yours right away. But the grass looks really green and healthy! I’m in Florida and I noticed a few years ago my grass, shrubs, and palm trees are really brown on top. Shortly thereafter I heard Bill Gates was manipulating the sun via CERN, HAARP and chem trails probably. Anyway, I long for a time when flowers bloomed so colorfully, skies were blue and clear, and snow actually melted when you burned it with a lighter.

    • Hi, Stacey. Bill Gates is certainly an evil crypto-jew, but CERN and HAARP are not part of his repertoire. He certainly is into multiple poison delivery systems — mental and physical poisons. And he’s one of the multiple jews buying up farmland. Here in South Dakota, we often get fully blue and clear skies. As for snow, I’ve never tried burning it with a lighter. Funny. Surely, it melts, or just goes POOF into vapor.

  3. No, the snow turns black when you melt it. There’s several videos on this. Either on odysee or world truth. I’m not sure of the title of the video. But I will try to locate and send it to your email.
    Apparently, HAARP or something else they use, or maybe it’s the snow falling through the chem trails saturated with plastic and heavy metals that when you try to melt a snowball it literally turns black and no water drips from it.

    • Give it some thought. If it is truly snow, it’s crystallized water, and heating it must produce water, no matter what might be mixed into it. If it was real snow and they got it from outside, then all that snow outside should have turned to black stuff covering the ground. Sounds ridiculous, right? Because it is. They didn’t show any video of the outdoors covered in black on a warm day, did they? I think it’s just another of the thousands (or millions) of lie videos out there, spewed by jews and their tools, to DISTRACT. Such chaos serves them. If you send a link, I’ll look at it. But my approach would be to scientifically expose the deception.

      That said, certain powdered metals in chemtrails are flammable and would burn, but still there must be water.

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