jIMPACT! CARS. Scotty Kilmer — So Right, So Wrong

Scotty Kilmer, about 70 years old, has been a famous mechanic and diagnostic expert for a looong time. His popularity on Youtube (jewtube) has made him a millionaire.

Here are some reasons why he can help you with all things “car” as he is nearly always correct. Most of his commenters are dumb worshipers, but if Scotty makes a real mistake, a couple of car-wise commenters will provide corrections.

Caution1: Even though he is nearly always correct, it is wise to NOT jump into a repair or other important decision based on one video. Do a search for other how-to videos on the same subject and compare diagnoses and steps required for the best repair.

Caution2: Don’t take any of his video titles seriously. They are nearly always silly clickbait.

He’s such an expert in his field, it may have given him “the big head” into thinking he’s right about everything. But he’s way wrong on CO2, nuclear power, the cause of government crimes and media lies, and more. In fact, months ago I sent two different friendly emails to him about CO2, to no avail. No replies, and no change in his statements about “carbon emissions” bs.

Join me for some details — and some fun in the style of Scotty.

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  1. You’re absolutely right!! If he’s a millionaire due to YouTube videos, it’s pretty obvious he’s let the praise go to his head. It’s really amazing how money changes a person. That combined with his age, along with the indoctrination of television makes for a tough impenetrable outlook on life. You know the one, ” our government cares about the American people”, or”America protects it’s citizens from terrorists, that’s why we’re safe, ” and my personal favorite. ” My doctor knows what’s best for me, with prescriptions “.
    It reminds me of my dad, Vietnam Veteran, great father, great provider, but stubborn as a mule when it came to alternative facts that were against the mainstream narrative. Specifically, Covid vaccines. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t listen to my advice when I begged him not to get his. He died July 21 2021 from Moderna vaccine. He soon realized I was right but he hid it from me and never let on.
    I’ve been on a mission without permission ever since. Thank you for your videos and your efforts in trying to get the truth out there. You’re the only baby boomer I know you is really aware of what’s really going on. And I’m sharing your videos. I wrote you a message in another video about needing some advice on websites I can trust and if I should get my own channel. I don’t want to do YouTube. That’s not even an option. I’d be kicked off the first day.

    • Hi, Stacey. That’s a sad but important story about your dad. Thanks for sharing that. You’re right about YouTube — jewtube.

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