LibertyBellShow s01e02: Diaspora. C-Insane. Weaponized Cars.

Welcome to the second episode of the new MyWhiteTV series “The Liberty Bell Show”!

There’s nothing new about these truths, but most of our people still don’t know them:

  • The jews’ “Diaspora” myth
  • Adolf Hitler was not a dupe of the jews’ Christianity
  • The C-Insane, and what a waste it is to appease them

Also, I feature a clip from the famous Scotty Kilmer to hit on the fact that cars are weaponized against us, and I point out the suspiciously absurdly wrong Matt Bracken, and I close with an intriguing image from the 1950s.


Archive of the Liberty Bell magazines at the late Tom Metzger’s This opens as the pdf that includes the book review of the David Irving book and the info on Adolf Hitler and Christianity. This opens as the pdf containing Revilo Oliver’s statements on the jews’ myth of the Diaspora. This opens as the pdf containing the Letter To The Editor talking about “planting seeds,” etc. I removed the c-insane comments from this post, as promised, after I took the snip that I presented in the video. This is my video previous to the one linked immediately above, and this one has a c-insane discussion after which I decided “no more” and said so. My video from last year (2020) with Dr. Lorraine Day, a delight.
This is the article by BigCountryExpat under which the infamous Matt Bracken spewed the quoted, suspicious absurdity.


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