MyWhiteSHOW: Dr Lorraine Day plus WoWs and Memes

The renowned Dr. Lorraine Day dominates the “Ferocious15” such that it just had to grow into the “Ferocious40”!

Topics include jews, race, Adolf Hitler, viruses, vaccines, jew presidents of the United States, Christianity, and more.

Dr. Day’s websites offer a wealth of info on these topics and more:

Also in this s01e10 MyWhiteSHOW:

  • Jim’s Rules Of Thumb and Wows of Wisdom
  • Meme of the Week

This show broke out of my under-30 format, and I think you’ll agree it is worth it!

MyWhiteSHOW is your White Show.

PS. See my previous post, the powerful music video “Another JewLie,” for the accompanying article that shows and tells how easy it is to download any of my videos and most videos elsewhere using your own browser (tried and true with Mozilla Firefox and Tor).


  1. hello, my name is array soma but am alma ryan now on jew time and still arayasoma in one word on bit chute, i would love to do a vide with you and also dr day separately is that poss ? i dnt know how to get hold of dr day. My email not gmail just

    • Hi, araya soma. Thanks for your comments. I’ll have a look at your bitchute material later today and then let you know if I would like to do a video with you. As for Dr. Day, I went on her website(s) and found an email address related to her book publishing. I sent an email there, which she answered. I suggest you try that, too.

  2. i have been a revisionist for ten years xxx

  3. Lorraine! Hi. I took away from your talk the idea that ”pneumonia’ is simply a last stage before death, presumably meaning inability to breathe. Is that right? I’d be grateful for confirmation.
    Rae West (of Also a long-term AIDS fraud publicist, if not much of an activist

    • Hi, Raeto. I will guess that there is no chance Dr. Lorraine Day visits this page to see if there are any comments or questions. I’m not authorized to give out info on her, but I can say that the way I got in touch with her was by clicking from her own websites to a page where her books are sold. I sent an email to that bookseller email address, and I got a reply.

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