‘ANOTHER JEWLIE’ music video with lyrics

The latest music video by PATTON.45 is this historical “ANOTHER JEWLIE.” Actually, the full name of the song is “Another July/JewLie.” But the delay in its completion and the video production left “July” behind, and so it works better now to use the shortened title, “Another JewLie.”

Featured in the song and video are three of the historic jew crimes committed wholly or partly here in the USA:

  • The 1787-89 CONstitution. It was an overthrow of the White USA under the Articles of Confederation. (Read, and download if you like, the pdf file of the historic article about this here: https://archive.org/details/@callahanbraun
  • The 1967 jew attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, murdering dozens and wounding more than 100 more. A full-out act of war. It failed in its purpose, and the jew U.S. president LBJ ordered a full coverup.
  • The 1969 Apollo fraud of supposedly landing men on the Moon. It was a tv show, folks. And all jew tv shows are infested with lies or are total lies. NASA’s own photos prove it was a hoax. A monstrous criminal hoax.

Here, I present the official lyrics of “Another July/JewLie.” And below the lyrics, I give instructions for easy and free downloading of videos, such as this one, with the browser you probably already have!


© 2020 PATTON.45 / jtl


1776 Our White Founding Fathers got it almost right.

But in 1789 the crypto-jews said

“take the CON(stitution) or the country will die.”

Mini Chorus:

It was a July. It was a JewLie.


1967 They bombed and strafed our Liberty ship on June 8th.

The jews wanted to say Egypt’s to blame,

But proof came out, so jews made out it was “an honest mistake.”


It was a July, another July.

It was a JewLie, another JewLie,

a star-spangled JewLie.


Round and round on the evil-go-round we go

Fake virus, Martial Law, false flags – all the jews’ M.O.

Round and round on the evil-go-round we go

Round and round on the evil-go-round – Let’s get off!


1969 They said the Eagle flew through the Van Allen Belts to the Moon.

They told us the rocket’s powerful thrust

somehow didn’t stir up Tranquility’s dust.

(What a hoax.)


It was a July, another July.

It was a JewLie, another JewLie,

a star-spangled JewLie.


It was a July, another July.

It was a JewLie, another JewLie,

a star-spangled JewLie.


Make them pay for their crimes.

Make them pay for their crimes.

Make them die.

© 2020 PATTON.45 / jtl

HOW TO DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO and most others elsewhere

I use Mozilla Firefox most of the time. I also use the TOR browser. Both of them offer the “Save Page” function. Here, I will show how easy it is to use the Firefox “Save Page” to save videos. It’s almost exactly the same on TOR.

First, if your toolbar doesn’t have the “Save Page” icon showing — which looks like a folder with a simple downward-pointing arrow on it (example above, right side) — then go into your browser’s menu of OPTIONs and drag-and-drop it onto your toolbar for easy use.

Next, while you’re looking at the page with the video you want to save to your computer, click on the “Save Page” icon. It will open a new little window in which you can re-name the folder that is being created (example in above image). I suggest that you rename it. For one thing, you must remove any special characters that are not allowed in folder names. So, do that. And then notice where the folder will be saved, probably in your “Downloads” folder. Change it if you want. Then click “SAVE.”

Now, GIVE IT TIME to download everything. Keep the webpage open until the download is complete, which may take mere seconds or many minutes, depending on the size of the video(s) and the speed of your Internet connection.

Note! If it gives you the yellow-dot symbol, saying the download failed, don’t accept that as true. Go to the next step. In my experience, though it says “failed,” it did not fail, and I find the video in my Downloads folder.

When it’s done, go into the saved folder in Downloads (or wherever you put it). See my example in the image above. Scroll through all that stuff to find the video file. I use the great and free VLC media player, so the video is easy to spot as the orange-cone VLC icon. In my example above, the file name starts with “MyWhiteSHOW” which is nice but not to be expected. Usually, expect the video file to have a gobbldy-gook name. Double-click on the video to play it to see if it’s the right one. If it is, rename it to what you want. If it’s the wrong video, keep looking for the right one.

This works — most of the time — not only for my videos but also for Bitchute, BrandNewTube, and WorldTruthVideos. It does not work for Youtube (jewtube).

For Youtube, currently I find https://pastedownload.com/ to work — often, nowhere near always, and rarely for music videos. It seems that the free online-based downloaders come, evolve, and go — and the worst of them try to open pop-up windows and try to put malware on your ‘puter. So, currently, PastedDownload is the only one I am willing to suggest you try.


Your comments and suggestions are welcome.


  1. Brian Hillier

    Really enjoying the site. Found your Polly Folly video on Rick Heskey’s channel on Bitchute. Loved the i/v with Larraine Day. You’re doing a great job. All strength to you. Thank you.

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