MyWhiteSHOW: 1929 vs 2020, Spiro scum Skouras, and Civil War?

The Last Time versus This Time, 1929 vs 2020. That means the last time the jews pulled a crime of this kind and this big versus the current massive jew crime against humanity.

Other segments in this show s01e05 are:

  • Spiro Skouras is anti-White
  • Distractions
  • Civil War?
  • Memes of the Week

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TEXT THAT I WROTE AND THEN READ ON CAMERA for “1929 vs 2020,” “Distractions,” and “Civil War?”

The Last Time versus This Time
1929 and 2020

The last crime this big (not counting WW2) was the so-called “Great” Depression, which also spread worldwide.

This time, we don’t have a heroic Germany to force the jews to unleash our American productivity.

Last time, the jews Franklin D Roosevelt and his fellow scum kept tightening the screws. Their intent was to crush us then and there. Our ancestors were saved by Adolf Hitler and the great German nation. Germany would have won if not for the mighty dupes of America.

This time, we Whites have a few leaders but the people will not follow, will not unify, will not act.

Let me restate it.

1929: The jew-named “Great” Depression was caused by the jews through banking. They choked off the money supply to Whites. They extended the Depression by jew-government decrees pretending to be helpful but intending to prevent recovery.

2020: The new jew Depression has been caused by jews through lies about the annual flu. They shut down the economy through fear-porn. They have extended the Depression by jew-government decrees pretending to be helpful but intending to prevent recovery.

Yes, the “Great” Depression was planned, deliberately set off, and deliberately prolonged. The jew-owned Federal Reserve (established in 1913) choked off the money supply from the top and on down through all they controlled. White-owned banks were ruined. White business owners and entrepreneurs could not get loans. Jew-owned banks “called in” loans against Whites when Whites couldn’t make a payment.

It’s nothing personal, it’s just business,” said the jews.

When your loan is “called in,” you have to pay the whole amount you owe immediately (it’s in the fine print of the contract). If you don’t, you lose whatever assets secured the loan — your house, your farm, your business. The banks take possession of your assets and sell them, dirt cheap, to their fellow jews.

In that Depression the jews call “Great,” the jew Franklin Delano Roosevelt, (s)elected in 1932, was the public head of the smiling enemy who confiscated gold from Whites, started gun control against Whites, destroyed supplies of milk and grains and meat, and instead of allowing loans to White entrepreneurs to provide jobs, the “New Deal” jew deal provided temporary, make-work, deadend, poverty-wage jobs such as the Civilian Conservation Corps program. “The CCCs,” as my duped dad always referred to it.

My very good but somewhat gullible father was born in 1922 Detroit, had the great White work ethic, and was employed in the late 1930s by the “generous, caring” government in the borderline slavery of the manual-labor CCC public-works projects. Meanwhile, at least two-million Whites were killed directly and indirectly from the starvation program west of the Mississipi River.

The jews had the White population handcuffed and pushed, step by step, into poverty, hunger, and deadend lives toward ultimate genocide. This was a worldwide jew program against Whites and other nonjews. Other White countries were suffering the same fate — England, France, Norway, Australia, etc.

In the jews’ Soviet Union, the outright mass-murders included the Holodomor (look it up) and systematic executions of farmers, teachers, scientists, and more.

Only Germany broke out and bounced back. FDR and Adolf Hitler both rose to the top jobs in early 1933. FDR, the heinous crypto-jew cripple, gleefully pressed the vile jew agenda upon the White U.S. population. Adolf Hitler immediately quarantined the worst jews, freed Germany of domestic and foreign jew controls, and unleashed the supreme inventiveness and productivity of the German people of our White race.

In just three years, Germany showed the world — especially by way of hosting the Olympics in 1936 — a model of economic prosperity and White happiness. This was despite the jews’ worldwide announcement in 1933 of an international boycott of Germany and all things German.

So, in 1936, although jew leaders had to acknowledge the undeniable German success in their public comments, they conspired in private as they always do, vowing to destroy Germany and the German people. Crypto-jew Winston Churchill, the chosen leader of England, said at that time, “We will crush them.”

The jews got their hot war going in 1939, and they lost badly for two years. Germany quickly gained control of continental Western Europe and were defeating the Soviet Union despite the jew-USA’s illegal flood of funds and war materiel to crypto-jew Josef Stalin’s evil empire.

The jews had no choice but to unleash White American Might. The jews barraged the American population with anti-German propaganda, duping most Whites into hating their own cousins. (Not the first time. This they also did for the unCivil War, 1860s.) Then, the jews unleashed the money supply to White inventiveness and productivity.

The combination of the jews’ British Empire and the Soviet barbarians bolstered by the duped Whites of the USA was too much for heroic Germany to survive.

The greatest nation in modern history, 1933-45 Germany, was dead.

But the USA was alive. It would take the jews several decades to tamp down White America again.

By January 2020, the jews were ready to launch their “new normal” Depression. In concert with another race of liars, the Chinese, whose leaders are infested with half-breed crypto-jews, a fear-porn frenzy was fomented over what was, at its core, only the annual flu.

China blamed the U.S. government. The U.S. government blamed China. They were two liars floating jew lies for the fools to fight over which lie was the truth.

The jew-owned media fed their sheeple. The jews in place in state and local governments got away with nearly all their illegal decrees. Martial Law, House Arrest, economic depression, and even anti-social distancing were all in place in a matter of weeks. Nearly all LEOs enforced the unConstitutional edicts from their employers. The jews atop their medical monopoly lied about tests, lied about cases, lied about deaths, lied about “overwhelmed hospitals” even as they were laying off medical workers across the country. Another jew “Great” Depression.

In the 1930s, there was a White savior — Adolf Hitler’s Germany.

But this time, there is no White savior, no great White nation, not even a great White “militia” group. Germany is held down by the jUSA military kept there since WW2 for that very purpose. What other countries show signs of White life and sufficient White might? None.

Because American Whites are well armed, the only hope would seem to be with U.S. males. I say “males.” Biologically, they are males but most are not men. And I say “well armed,” but the arms are only pistols, shotguns, and rifles. Despite the Constitution’s Bill Of Rights specifying that the “right to keep and bear arms … shall not be infringed,” the right has been infringed all the way down to only rifles, shotguns, and pistols.

The other arms we invented but are denied the right to keep and bear include grenades, mortars, tanks, weaponized drones, bombers, cruise missiles, and more.

My fellow American White men, and this includes Canadian men, too: We know there is risk in communicating, teaming up, combining forces, planning missions, and executing the enemy. But there is no other way to win. There’s more risk in NOT teaming up. We lose if we don’t team up.

We must win.

WE are the new great White hope.

We are the ONLY hope.


Every manufactured tragedy, and every manufactured hoax, is a Distraction from the other manufactured tragedies and hoaxes so that very few people focus on any particular Distraction and realize what it is. And even fewer people think long enough to realize that all the Distractions are inflicted on us by the same group of people. And even fewer people realize that the same group of people is jewry. Not White people. Jewry.

  • National and international child trafficking, teen trafficking, for pedophilia and murder, is a manufactured tragedy. It is real and true and horrific. The jews allowed their media to talk about it temporarily and in a limited way as a Distraction from their other heinous crimes.
  • Covid-19 is a manufactured hoax. They have used it to impose Martial Law on us, taking away our basic rights, killing our small businesses to give the jew corporations monopolies, killing a lot of our jobs, putting us deeper into the plight of owning and controlling nothing, so that we are renters only, and wage slaves.
    ___And of course, the Covid jewflu is used by the jewsmedia to Distract from the jews’ horrific child-trafficking, pedophilia, and murder.
  • Nigger Deaths: some are real, and sometimes their deaths are hoaxes. Either way, some of the real deaths and all of the hoax deaths are used as propaganda against Whites. And they are used by the jewsmedia as Distractions from the jews’ huge crimes of child-trafficking and Covid-19 Tyranny, and other crimes.
    ___Isn’t it interesting that the jews use niggers for this purpose and not Asians, not Arabs, and of course not their own jews as jews. (Kyle Rittenhouse the 17-year-old hero killed one or two jews. The jews will not publicize that! We know Kyle Rittenhouse was directly physically attacked by three jews and one nigger. If the nigger had been shot dead, the jews would be sensationalizing that.)
  • Vaccines are manufactured tragedies. They are poison. And yes, the jews really do want to force us all to be injected. Still, the issue works as a Distraction, too. The controlled-opposition media — which is really alternative JEWSmedia — are feeding fear about vaccines. BUT they use it for their ANTI-WHITE agenda. They say or imply that Bill Gates, and Anthony Fauci, etc etc are Whites. Even most of the pro-White website owners and podcasters are too ignorant or otherwise stupid to identify Gates and Fauci and Birx and Biden and Trump as crypto-jews.

What’s the next manufactured tragedy or hoax? And what will the next one after that be? And how many of our people will fall for it, distracted into arguing or cowering instead of realizing and focusing on the jew-cause of it all?


No, it isn’t. A civil war, by definition, is when two or more factions are fighting for control of the whole country.

What we have right now, is the jews in control as one faction, and the only other faction is the BLM-ANTIFA scum funded and directed by the jews in control.

Notice that the jews’ BLM-ANTIFA scum are not disturbing the jews in power. They are employed and instigated to destroy White-owned businesses and beat or kill Whites. On rare occasion, they destroy jew
businesses that the jews have fully insured and don’t care to keep.

Also notice that the jewed governments in the cities and states allow the jews’ BLM-ANTIFA scum to run wild for days or even weeks before they stop it. Crypto-jew Donald Trump does the same, if he does ANYTHING beyond words.

They’re working together.

It’s NOT a civil war. Jews control the govt and want to greatly tighten their grip around the necks of Whites. So, the jews have funded, organized, and directed BLM-ANTIFA and the like to help them wring the necks of Whites.

The DUPED Whites will beg for MORE GOVERNMENT FORCE to establish “peace,” and the jews will oblige with more govt force further oppressing Whites more than anyone else.

It will only be a Civil War if and when WHITES wake up and fight to take back power from the jewed government to establish, again, White people in control of OUR OWN COUNTRY. Our Own White-founded White-built Country.

That would be a true Civil War, and that’s the one we want, that’s the one we need.

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