MyWhiteSHOW: U.S. sElection Aftermath – jews win! and other not-news

Yes, chaos reigns with the vote count — jews win! How so? See the bulleted items below. Also, no matter whether Trump or Biden in the end gets sElected — jews win! Why? Because both Donald Trump and Joe Biden are crypto-jews who will, of course, advance the jew agenda — their ANTI-WHITE agenda most of all.

Meanwhile, the chaos of the vote count — crimes and more crimes — serves jewry. How? Let’s list a few ways:

  • The chaos keeps most of the population of the USA emotionally engaged, with duped Whites more or less on the Left fighting with duped Whites more or less on the Right. Thus, all these people are also kept from investing time in learning that the whole Left-Right ballpark, the whole Democrat-Republican duopoly, is a jew contrivance, a jew criminal hoax against the people.
  • The chaos serves as a big-“D” Distraction from the jew pedophilia and human-trafficking crime network. They pulled a hoax death of jew Jeffrey Epstein as their first attempt to make it all go away, with no trial, no further exposure. But then they decided to use jew Ghislaine Maxwell in a ploy yet to be played out.
  • The chaos serves as another big-“D” Distraction from the jews’ fake-Covid-virus real criminal Tyranny against us. Trump has been the Enabler-in-Chief, having declared a false “national emergency” back in March in order to open the door to the governors’ and mayors’ UNconstitutional edicts against us. Here in my homestate of Michigan, the scum crypto-jew governor Gretchen Esther Whitmer wasn’t even up for re-election, thus her tyranny continues unaffected. The Michigan Supreme Court issued a ruling striking down her unconstitutional emergency decrees. Did that stop any of her and her jews’ crimes? No. They pretend the Health Department somehow still has authority to issue the same mandates. The surviving White businesses are still threatened with closure if they don’t follow the illegal “laws.” White people are threatened with force — arrests and then fines — if we don’t follow the illegal “laws.”

The criminal jews and their criminal tools should be killed, of course. When the government blatantly and ongoing violates our most basic laws and rights, then there is no law, and the government is illegitimate. We won’t get justice from that government! That should be obvious. Thus, there is only one true solution. The question is, are there any groups of White MEN among us? Sad to say, I don’t know of any. I can only hope that you do.

Although we should already be shooting our way out of the jew Communism — which is the only way out — it should go without saying that if they try to force vaccines on us, we should kill the force-vaccinators, all of them. And if they deny us entry to the jew-owned corporate grocery stores (Walmart, Kroger, etc. etc.), we should kill all those we judge responsible. Likewise, with other crimes against our rights and our very lives. It won’t take many killings to teach them to stop these crimes. I’m not saying to do so in a manner that gets you killed or put in prison. I’m saying do it wisely, covertly to the extent possible.

By the way, check out the About page to see my “Counties Plan,” which is a practical way to take back local governments on the way to taking everything back. Also, you might watch my episode with “Counties Plan” in the title.

Other highlights in this Season One, Episode 14 installment of MyWhiteSHOW include:

  • a video clip of PCR inventor Kary Mullis,
  • a video clip of jew Mike Wallace and actor Morgan Freeman from the Electric-jew’s 60 Minutes show,
  • a re-exposure of the truth about famous blackfrican basketball player Magic Johnson and his supposed contraction of HIV-AIDS,
  • the propaganda constantly spewed by and other sites of that ilk,
  • the great book from 1912 by Alfred Owen Crozier about the jew Rothschilds and their evil plan to establish the Federal Reserve, which they did in 1913,

and more!

MyWhiteSHOW is your White show.


Jim Laffrey

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