jIMPACT! 9-11. Three Bulls-eyes

Not opinion. Not belief. Verifiable facts, here. Viewers and listeners can easily grasp this knowledge immediately or with a minimum of follow-up.

I hit Three Bulls-eyes about 9/11.

I mention the website BuildingSeven.org and its homepage which will confirm much of what I say here — as will many other admirable websites.

There are dozens of other bulls-eyes I could list and describe. But this episode keeps it short and simple and absolutely on target.


Jim Laffrey

About The Author
- Born to White parents who were born in the U.S.A., of proud German and proud Irish ancestry. Consider how great our lives would be if we had been born and raised in a country controlled by our own people -- as it should be -- rather than controlled by jews pretending to be our own people.

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  • Sarah

    “Any 911 truther who fails to expose Israel’s role has, in essence chosen to protect the worst killers among us.” -Victor Thorn

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