Here’s What Gen. George Patton Wanted You To Know Before He Was Killed

Our great general George S. Patton Jr. said it to everyone he could before he was killed in December 1945.

Also, he wrote it in his diary, wrote it to his wife, and told fellow officers.

His diary pages from 1945 are available on the Library of Congress ( website (in some disarray, surely deliberately so). The words in this video are more than 90% the words of Gen. Patton.

Why haven’t we been taught the truth that Gen. Patton learned right after the end of WW2 in Europe in spring 1945?

Hear the answer in his own words.

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- Born to White parents who were born in the U.S.A., of proud German and proud Irish ancestry. Consider how great our lives would be if we had been born and raised in a country controlled by our own people -- as it should be -- rather than controlled by jews pretending to be our own people.


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