SPECIAL: Water-Filters Alert

Special: Water-Filters Alert.

Let me guide you through the problems and my recommended solution.

In the past, I have recommended the water filters sold by independent scientist James McCanney. I now advise against buying from him. Let me explain.

In this show, I provide all the relevant details, along with emails to and from McCanney, and my solution. The happy news is that the manufacturer of McCanney’s filters, a company in Michigan, now sells containers and filter elements directly from their own site.


Jim Laffrey


  1. I doubt there is/was any special McCanney filter design. I’ll bet he is/was just a distributor of the Michigan company’s product.

    As far as the filter being mounted upright or hanging down: You already explained the issue of the sediment in upright installation and that a short, squat filter would be better. I doubt water quality is affected by having the filter hanging down. The only draw back I see, besides it being difficult to remove sediment from inside the filter, is that it decreases the collection can’s capacity.

    Short of a complete redesign, I don’t think there is an easy fix.

    For my drinking water, I use a whole house filter that is mostly sand but also has a carbon matrix for various VOCs and other contaminates. The carbon matrix is automatically cleaned everyday. Then my refrigerator has a 1/2 micron filter coupled with a carbon based chemical neutralizer. That filter does have to be changed periodically. Also, our water supply is from a very deep aquifer (250+ ft), but is very hard (water softener required). Since I live in farm country, my biggest concern is contamination by agrichemicals seeping into the aquifer. I have never had the water tested for this but I’m comfortable with my set up in supplying clean drinking water.

  2. Sarah Perry

    Thanks for the new AquaCera site for the filters. Also, be aware (or beware) of blue check checkers. I was blocked out of WorldTruthMX by the blue checker for posting “sliders”. You learn something new every day, as I say “If you’re paying attention”. I think I followed one post with a related post.

    Anyway, I learned from the “blue checker” (Michael) that I was using a “jew” tactic without knowing it. Michael: “Without sitting in the actual room that this profile hails from I cannot Unequivocaly say yes, However I see certain “Tricks” that are in the “Bag” and sliding posts is an old jew/gov agenda that dates back to the early days of the internet. “

    • Hi, Sarah. Glad to hear from you. And I thought of you when I talked about the choice of filter containers on AquaCera’s site.

      WorldTruthMX. Yes, by rare coincidence, I visited that site right after you were blocked by Michael. I saw the reaction by a couple of commenters and Michael’s “explanation.” It was a coincidence because I so rarely visit that place. I got turned off for various reasons, including when Michael told me I need to be careful of “insinuating” against him! He is a slightly unstable dictator. Of course, he owns the site. Likewise, on TruthPodium. My favorite account on there was LouisMarschalko, which disappeared a few weeks ago. I have no info on it, but I suspect that LouisMarschalko also got “Michaeled”.

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