The Supremacist. 18. Finale

THE SUPREMACIST Episode18 is the final episode of this supreme series.

It’s a summation. It’s a look at the past. It’s a look at the present situation as it truly is. It presents THE SOLUTION.

This series was started to make a mark on the landscape — bomb craters if necessary! And it has done so. This finale is a bit gentler but still not meant for beginners. My TopLevel Truth is far beyond beginners in a way like geometry mathematics is far beyond those who are ignorant of multiplication and division.

As I said in the show, I would post three images here for you to download to your computer and print out, preferably onto thick paper, to use as signage in your vehicle or elsewhere. The signs are at three different levels of Truth. Choose what fits with your level of activism for our race at this time.


Jim Laffrey, proud White Man (German and Irish) and Truthteller for my race.

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